Icebreaking Recruitment selects candidates for key positions within your organisation. We work with an active, targeted approach and on an exclusive basis. Our search for the right candidate goes beyond merely focusing on those actively looking for a new job, we also reach out to candidates that are not actively searching. We are able to identify the best professionals within the field, with an excellent fit to your requirements and organisational culture.

During our search we make the best use of our extensive network in order to identify our candidates and ensure a good match.

Our approach is critical, pragmatic and precise. We are able to get to know an organisation quickly, along with the market within which it operates. We know the right people, the potential pitfalls and the best practices. That is how we are able to quickly identify and fulfil our clients' needs. We do this by using our experience and extensive knowledge, along with, where necessary, the newest technologies, methods and practices.

How we work

We distinguish ourselves by focusing on what people actually do, rather than what they say they can do. People are the most important asset an organisation has, and we help organisations in attracting talent that can make a real difference to the realisation of their business objectives.

Track Record

Icebreaking Recruitment has an excellent reputation in recruiting top talent for organisations in a wide range of sectors. Our extensive network enables us to identify this top talent and spark interest for potential job switches. It is through our commitment and expertise that we distinguish ourselves in this field.